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The Dates Gallery

There are many forms of the blessed ajwa dates, but the rarer “ajwa tul awali” has been specified by the blessed prophet (pbuh) for it’s notable healing qualities.

We are a small group of people passionate about bringing the prophet Muhammad saw’s recommended “ajwa tul awali”, for healing, health and nutrition, to YOU. We personally visit the date orchards in Medina, for “ajwa tul awali” we participate in picking the finest selection for our customers before cleaning them without compromising their nutritional value or their organic taste. The dates are stored in a carefully temperature controlled environment for preservation of all their natural goodness. We ensure exquisite gift packing for you and loved ones with the most efficient delivery, so they can be received in their freshest and succulent form. We pride ourselves for most minimal time for delivery from the picking of the date to the final destination and that is a key priority to our service.

Sukkri Also offered in our varied styles of dates is The Royal Golden sukkri date, which is renowned for it’s reduced taste of naturally occurring sugar and is the middle eastern favourite at every table. We remain committed to supplying fresh, organic produce and look forward to sharing the wonderful flavour of these blessed dates we have to offer with you.